Recertification Renewal Application - 15 credit hours

Recertification Renewal Application - 15 credit hours

Renewal of a current Nebraska teaching certificate requires:

Five (5) or more years after expiration date.
Requirements; Fifteen (15) semester hours of education -related coursework taken after completion of the baccalaureate degree, which shall include:

(a) a course in instructional techniques (EDUC 533)
(b) a field experience consisting of one hundred (100) or more clock hours of contact with students in the classroom setting, 50% of which shall consist of performing instructional duties (EDUC 509)
(c) a course which addresses current issues in education (EDUC 510)
(d) remaining coursework directly related to the applicant's content area on the expired certificate
(e) complete twelve (12) semester hours before enrolling in EDUC 509 for student teaching
(f) must apply at least one semester prior to student teaching semester with Director of Field Experiences

Coursework must be approved in advance by the Peru State College Certification Officer

Nebraska Human Relations and Special Education training requirements must be met either prior to this recertification program or as part of this program.