Staff Senate: Professional Development Funds Request

Staff Senate: Professional Development Funds Request

Applicant: The Applicant must be a Staff Senate member at Peru State College. Staff Senate members may request funds on a first come, first serve basis. Applications for fall semester will become available on August 1st, and December 1st for spring semester requests.

Funding Qualifications: The funding allocated will support professional development opportunities that enhance job performance and professional growth. This may include:

~ Conference registration and workshop fees off site or online.
~ Fees and non-covered portions of courses taken through the Nebraska State College System employee tuition program.
~ Tuition and fees for courses taken at accredited institutions outside of the Nebraska State College System.
~ Certification programs.

The fund request will not be approved if the conference, workshop, or coursework is not applicable to the employee's job or professional development. The employee does not need to be a degree-seeking student for coursework approval.

When the professional development opportunity is assigned by the supervisor and is directly work related, all associated expenses will be processed per the applicable College policies and time spent for the opportunity will be counted as work time. Fund requests submitted for this opportunity will be denied.

When the professional development opportunity is not assigned by the supervisor, professional development funding can be used to assist in defraying some of the costs of that activity (books, fees, etc.).

Employees should be prepared to present to the Staff Senate group or submit a brief written summary of how funds were used, outcome of the opportunity, etc.

Amount Awarded: An employee may request up to $500 maximum in one fiscal year, but up to $250 maximum will be allocated per semester. All requested Professional Development expenses must be incurred in the same budget year in which they are funded.

Approval: All Professional Development Fund requests must be approved and signed by the applicant's supervisor. The application will be reviewed by the President's Cabinet and Staff Senate Budget Committee and a recommendation will then be sent to the Vice President of Administration and Finance for approval. The Accounting Office will then review the application for payment. The applicant must supply an approved Travel Request number for all travel related to conferences or workshops before funds can be allocated.

Payment: Approved Professional Development payments will be made to the business/college/organization rather than to the individual applicant. If reimbursement is necessary supporting documentation will be required.

Submission: Please include the Professional Development Fund Request and upload supporting documentation. Required supporting documentation includes verification of enrollment or proof of registration for education courses/workshops, or brochures and/or conference agenda. For tuition assistance please provide an itemized invoice.